Fate can sometimes be cruel, can it not?

The stars are in great disorder, making it extremely difficult to predict the future... However, that bright, shining star up there is a light of hope. Before it was a faint light, but now it has gained strength from the surrounding stars and is shining brightly. This is my lord's star.


Completely bullshit blog.
I will have the following
*-pictures of Zhuge Liang
*- Head Cannons about him
*- Stories I have written or found online
*- And maybe some roleplay's if I find anyone who wants to :c


What to be warned off
*- Nudity
*- Cursing
*- Gore
*- Yaoi


That is all <3


The awkward chance meeting.


The awkward chance meeting.

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From here


From here

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Surprisingly he is extremely good with his hands. He cannot just write intensely, he can also sew, cook, clean and pottery. 

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I am having issuses, finding pictures to go along with my headcanons, so for every headcanon I have and there is no picture, I am just going to put it as a text

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Sorry guys I haven’t updated or posted anything in sooo long !
My summer has been so crazy. But things are starting to settle down, so I’ll have more time to post things. <3  


sleeping-dragonn answered your question: are there any other DW askblogs out there?
Well I was thinking of making one for Sun Quan »;

o: you should totally make one hahah

Ahaha if I could draw that well I for surely would. 

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Dynasty Warriors 4 - Avenging Battle

This might be my only favorite track from Dynasty Warriors 4. Other than this, that games music was meh.

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